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About Varied / Hobbyist Premium Member Kevin Thomas Anderson22/Male/United States Groups :icondasongwriterscircle: DASongwritersCircle
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Hard Work-- It Pays Off In The Long Run.

Random from Shining Examples Of Art

Here's a group of pictures that I consider shining examples of art.

Random from The ZiBaricon Collection

Here's some work from what I consider to be true icons in the web-comic industry. Enter the aisles of ZiBaricon.


The Modern Easter Island by loloalien

I notice that there is a strong sense of rhythm and balance within the confines of this deviation. Well, I wouldn't really call this a ...

Sparkling Burgundy by Ludifico

Oh, wow! What do we have here? It looks as if you have really dressed to impress with this ultra-fractal. There are a couple of things ...

Subtle by Ludifico

It's not often that I critique pictures, but here's what I think of this one. First of all, it looks a lot like an abstract fireworks d...

Brandy Sketch Contest Entry by CandyPom

I just want to be honest here: for a sketch, this is actually pretty freaking amazing. Not only is this a homage to the art style portr...

Little Story by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov

Once again, your amazing artwork has caught my attention and my inner child. This particular work of yours has a certain autumny feel t...

This is me appreciating others for their hard work and giving them some advice along the way; then again, there are a lot of critiques out there, so these ones are mine.

Also, I encourage all of you Deviants that are also YouTubers to come look at my new song, 'Wasting Away.' It isn't like the piece of crap version that I did without even thinking about writing the lyrics. No, this one is much different.…

Newest Deviations

I'm a failure on YouTube, but I'm a success on DeviantART. And speaking of DeviantART, these are the newest deviations in my DeviantART gallery! Feel free to take a look if you'd like.


Words Of Wisdom

Whatever you do, don't give up. The last thing you would ever want to do in life is give up.


Thanks very much for the add! :)
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Thanks for the adding my photo to your collection!
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Thank you for adding "Wonderland3" in your "Stuff worth Seeing" collection (─‿‿─)
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Thanks for the bump on my tribute to Sir Christopher Lee.
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Thank You for adding Fall Bird to your Stuff Worth Seeing Collection! Much Appreciated!
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Jul 31, 2015
12:18 pm
Jul 31, 2015
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Jul 31, 2015
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Jul 31, 2015
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Jul 31, 2015
11:57 am

My five-year DeviantArt membership anniversary is coming up and I would like to do a contest for it. Is anyone out there interested? Be honest. 

57 deviants said I'm not sure -- I need some more time to think.
50 deviants said I'm in -- no doubt about it.
6 deviants said Thanks, but no thanks. (Comment below with your reason why)


Anyone wanna check out my latest videos on YouTube? Here they are below just in case you're interested.

Here's some more videos below if you'd like to check them out sometime! :D

And remember folks, if you really like my videos, then all you have to do is go to my YouTube channel and subscribe. It's just that easy. :)
Hey, guys! Check out my videos! And if you guys like what you see, don't hesitate to like, comment, share, and subscribe at…;

Thank you all for your time. :)
Great and marvelous are your works, Lord God Almighty!
Just and true are your ways, O King of the saints!

--The Song of Moses, the servant, and the lamb, Revelation 15:3
Hello, everyone. The reason why I'm sharing this status update is because I want to thank all of you people for viewing my DeviantArt profile. With this support I have now passed the 300,000 pageview mark. Thank you once again for all of the support over the last five years! :iconawwplz:
I'm going to work at 10:30 A.M. So when I go to work, I'll see you guys at 2:30 P.M. :)
McDonald's just recently got my slip-resistant shoes, and that means that my first day of on-the-job training is today. From 9:30 A.M. to about 1:30 P.M. I will be offline during my shift. That is all.
As soon as the Spring semester comes to an end next month, I plan to start working on Confessions of a Sociopath again. As for now, I'm going to focus mainly on school and my social life.
I am extremely grateful and honored for my DeviantArt profile to have been viewed over 250,000 times. Thanks to all of you for helping me achieve yet another wonderful milestone in my DeviantArt career! :D
I've got some news you don't want to miss!
I have some news regarding future art: starting next week, I will be posting art that I made from Psymily to my DeviantArt gallery. Stay tuned for more!


TheSkull31 has started a donation pool!
3,841 / 20,000
Hello, my fellow deviants. If you'll notice, there is a donation widget on the top left part of my profile that says that if you donate at least 25 points to me, then I'll feature you on my page forever. Yes, that's right, folks. For 25 measly points you will be featured on my profile for all to see. It's just my way of helping others out and trying to get people noticed.

Watch at least one of these people and you won't be sorry!

You must be logged in to donate.
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TheSkull31's Profile Picture
Kevin Thomas Anderson
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm Kevin Thomas Anderson, otherwise known by my pen / stage name, The Skull. I aspire to be a voice actor, animator, and filmmaker in the future, and also to have a few backup musicians as my own touring band for my musical projects. As of July 13, 2015 I am 22 years of age, am currently going to Randolph Community College to pursue an Associate's Degree in Graphic Design, and have many hobbies to pass the time, including a part-time job cleaning the lobby, creating original music, literature, artwork, and photography, and a place of residence at a group home in a rural town in North Carolina.
I have led a sometimes-troubled life filled with ambition. My mother and father have mental disorders ranging from Bipolar to Schizophrenia, respectively. Recently (within the past three years) I was diagnosed with clinical depression, but I also have another two mental illnesses in the form of Autism Spectrum and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, both of which I was diagnosed with after birth. I also have a few social media channels across the web dedicated to my talents and personal life.

Operating System: Windows 10
Favorite Artist(s): Any artist on DeviantArt and in your art history textbook.
Catchphrase: Watch out, boys. The spit is about to hit the fan.
The Kevin Thomas Anderson YouTube Channel:…
The "Let Me Introduce Myself" Blog:
The Kevin Anderson Google+ Account:…

Art Requests: 10 points
Commissions: 20 points
Art Trades: FREE
CONTESTANTS: :iconinvatacel: :iconstill-a-fan: :iconnhok9: :iconorangenotepad67: :iconrushline: :iconpiplupfan100: :icon074pokegirl:

Here is some news regarding my special traditional art sketch contest. According to my poll regarding this contest 45 people said that they would be willing to enter. Unfortunately there is not an app here on DeviantArt that allows you to determine who voted and what they voted for. Well, not yet, anyway. Nonetheless, six people have officially entered my contest, and their avatars can be shown on the top of the journal entry. With that said, if you are one of the 45 people who voted in the poll I conducted here on DA and you voted for the option to enter my sketch contest, please don't hesitate to drop a comment below saying that you entered. It would help me out tremendously.

And in related news, here is the picture I would like all of you to draw for me. ----> Skull by TheSkull31 Your version of this drawing must be hand-drawn, and can either be in black and white OR color, depending on what you want your color palette to be; however, you can also digitally render this if you'd like (since digital art is the new standard now).

The first place winner will have their entry featured as my new OFFICIAL avatar for my DeviantArt profile, as well as a free art request, trade, commission, or collaboration of their choice. Second and third place winners will have the option of having me draw for them either a free art request or a free commission.

In addition, if YOU would like to judge the entries in this contest, don't hesitate to leave a comment in the comments section below and I will be sure to get back to you ASAP. Finally, this contest begins in TWO WEEKS on August 13th at 6:23 P.M. and will continue to run until the day of my 5th DeviantArt membership anniversary, December 29th, after which I (and whoever wishes to judge the entries) will judge all of the contest submissions and narrow them down to the best three.

If you have any more questions, I will not hesitate to answer them as long as a comment is left by you in the comments section below. Thank you for your time.
Good morning, everybody. Today I would like to announce the following: I have decided to start up a logo contest! Yes, that's right. The contest will begin in roughly one month time, on August 13th, 2015, exactly one month after my 22nd birthday. You have until then to enter, so if you're interested, please let me know in advance. :)

1) The logo should be an S-shaped cross on the forehead of a human skull.
2) The background can either be cosmic or fiery. Your choice.
3) It must be drawn TRADITIONALLY, but you can choose to render it DIGITALLY if you wish.

The winner will have their contest entry featured as my new DeviantArt avatar, as well as a free art request, commission, art trade, or collaboration of their choice. Second and third place winners will get an opportunity to request a free art request or commission.

And be sure to check out LeviculusCanine's DeviantArt profile at….  She would be delighted if you checked out her stuff!

CONTESTANTS: :iconinvatacel: :iconstill-a-fan: :iconnhok9: :iconorangenotepad67: :iconrushline: :iconpiplupfan100:
Good morning, everyone. Book Two of my Bronwyn Chronicles saga has been on hold for over a year now, but I'm thinking about picking up where I left off, with some major plot twists here and there. Maybe even a little romance. What do you guys think I should do?
Good evening, everyone. I would like to take this time to tell you that if you would like me to show you my channels on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, and Blogger, all you have to do is send a note to me and ask me in that note if I'd like to link you to my pages on social media. That's pretty much it for now.

With that said, what do you think about this idea? And feel free to check out :iconmidnightreaver1991:'s gallery by clicking on that deviant's avatar, by the way. It would help this person out a lot, and MidnightReaver's artwork is very good, too.
Hello, everyone. The reason why I am writing this journal entry today is because I want to thank all the people who have faved my latest deviations and all the people who thought my artwork was worth seeing. That's why I want to publicly announce that in a couple of weeks I will be creating several new collections to help get other artists and photographers in the community recognized for their art. With that said, this pretty much concludes my short speech. In the meantime, check out these videos.

Journal History


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